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Best Forex Broker For US Traders – LQDFX

Best Forex Broker For US Traders – LQDFX

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The Forex broker you choose to trade on will make or break your financial future in this market.


Whether you are brand-new to the world of Forex or a seasoned veteran, you are always going to be held back – or propelled forward – by the broker you make your trades on.


Choose a top-tier broker (like LQDFX) and you’ll be able to shortcut your success, arming yourself with all kinds of information, market charts and data, as well as the ability to trade more than 70 currency pairs.


Let’s dive right in!


LQDFX At a Glance


Already one of the most popular Forex brokers on the planet, if you have any interest in trading Forex pairs, commodities, or indices this is the place to be.


Established in 2015, LQDFX exploded onto the Forex scene – immediately winning both the Best ECN Broker award and the Most Reliable Broker award.


But it wasn’t just the “Forex market experts” that fell in love with LQDFX.


Traders across all levels of experience (from rookies to seasoned veterans and everything in between) loved the tools, trading platform, and market information provided by this broker.


Today, Forex traders are going to be able to pick from five different account options (all with varying levels of leverage) that have access to trade more than 70 currency pairs.


Your account choice will dictate the maximum size of your trades, the typical spreads you’ll have access to and more. But no matter which account you choose you’ll find LQDFX to offer all the features you need to make money in Forex today (and well into the future).


LQDFX 101 – What Is It?


A big part of the success of LQDFX as a Forex broker is the tight integration of the industry standard (now legendary) MetaTrader 4 trading platform.


The easiest to use of all the Forex trading platforms on the market today, the MetaTrader platform is also one of the most feature-rich and accessible in the industry.

You’ll be able to execute all of the trades you’re looking to make – from relatively simple to extremely sophisticated, and everything in between with just a few clicks of your mouse.


With the MetaTrader platform acting as the foundation of LQDFX you also don’t have to worry about things like market manipulation, requotes, or any conflicts of interest whatsoever.


Every one of your trades are fully managed (top to bottom) by the LQDFX aggregator system, making sure that you are able to cash in on the best price points for every trade (based on data provided in real time by multiple liquidity banks).


Benefits and Drawbacks of LQDFX


Now that we’ve gone over the basics of LQDFX, let’s run through some of the biggest benefits (and a handful of small drawbacks) of this broker.




  • All client funds are going to be held in completely segregated accounts across a number of “Tier 1” banks, including financial institutions like HSBC and Deutsche Bank
  • All accounts are given access to their own “paper trading” account with $100,000 of virtual funding to trade with, giving account holders an opportunity to test their trading strategies without risking their own money first
  • There are multiple tiers of account access on the LQDFX platform, perfect for anyone and everyone looking to trade Forex today
  • LQDFX has a minimum deposit requirement of just $20, making Forex trading fully accessible to all
  • This broker is built on top of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, the industry standard and a platform universally regarded as the best in the business
  • Flexible leverage options available, going all the way up to 1:500 on Forex trades even for those with Micro level accounts
  • Forex trading access to more than 70+ currency pairs
  • Average PIP spreads of 0.1
  • Full Forex training library, including cutting edge strategies and courses from some of the most successful Forex traders operating right now




  • No current support for cryptocurrency trading (though this is likely to change in the future)
  • Not currently regulated by financial authorities like the SEC or the FCA
  • $500 minimum deposit for ECM account levels


Investment Options on LQDFX


One of the things that makes LQDFX so attractive is the sheer amount of investment options on the platform.


As we have made mention of already, you are going to get immediate access to trade more than 70 Forex pairs, multiple indices, commodities, and metal markets when you create your account.


Spreads and commissions are going to be tailored to the trades you are making, generally impacted by your account type as well as minute to minute market conditions.


It isn’t at all unusual to be able to trade with a typical spread of 0.1 pips.


Commissions (generally) don’t kick in until you start to get to the ECN or VIP account levels, though.


On the commodity side of things, the overwhelming majority of trades available are going to be in the energy and agricultural commodities worlds. You won’t have to worry about deposit fees when you are trading on LQDFX, either.


Fee and Commission Breakdown


Though we can’t say that LQDFX fees and commissions are the absolute rock-bottom lowest in the Forex industry, we can confidently tell you that they are some of the lowest for sure.


Fees are going to be assessed based off of a variety of factors, including:


  • Account level
  • Maximum leverage
  • Minimum trade size


Commissions are not going to be charged at all until you hit the ECN or VIP account levels. Micro, Gold, and Islamic accounts won’t have to pay commissions on ANY trades!


Deposit fees are nonexistent across the board, regardless of your account level. The only exception to this rule is if you are using a bank transfer and LQDFX covers the deposit fee (up to $500).


There are no withdrawal fees for electronic wallet transfers, transfers to cryptocurrency, or VLoad transfers.


Deposit minimums are $20 for credit cards and other payment methods, $250 for bank transfers. On the withdrawal side of things you’re looking at $100 minimums for bank transfers and $20 for all other withdrawal methods.


Overall Experience


It would be tough to find a Forex broker easier to use and navigate than LQDFX.


The user interface is polished, modern, and relatively simple and straightforward – with plenty of options to dive deeper into the complexity of this system without creating overly cluttered workspaces.


Combine that with the effortless usability of the MetaTrader 4 (the real bedrock foundation of LQDFX) and you’re looking at a foolishly simple platform to get into with all the “power features” you need when you need them.


Newbies will never feel overwhelmed and veteran Forex traders will never feel like they are being held back on LQDFX.


Standout Features


A big draw for LQDFX is its real time chart updates and lightning fast trade execution.


Other platforms sort of drag things out when you are executing trades, and sometimes even when you are looking at the raw data to make a decision. That’s a fast way to lose a mountain of money, especially when Forex markets change not minute to minute – but second to second.


The one click trading tools in the MetaTrader 4 environment simplify the trading process as well. You won’t have to hunt for different options to execute the trades that you are interested in, but will instead be able to “preload” and execute your trades to maximize your opportunities.


Automated trading tools, robo advisory tools, advanced analytics and charting tools, as well as negative balance protection solutions are built right into the LQDFX environment.


Account Variety


Five individual account options are available on LQDFX right now:


  • Micro, an STP/market execution style account that offers maximum leverage of 1:500
  • Gold, also an STP/market execution style account that offers maximum leverage of 1:300
  • Islamic, an account level that mirrors the Gold level
  • ECN, an account level that offers 1:300 leverage, 40 lot maximum trade sizes, and $3.50 (US) commissions per $100,000
  • VIP, an account level with 1:100 maximum leverage, no limits on trade sizes, and $2.50 (US) commissions per $100,000


While all account levels have unique features and benefits (as well as drawbacks), all of them give you access to Forex markets, the commodities markets, indices trades, and metal markets.


Mobile App Breakdown


Thanks to the implementation of MetaTrader 4 in the LQDFX environment you’ll be able to have full access to Forex markets from your phone or mobile device.


All you’ll have to do is download the MetaTrader 4 mobile application (free for both iOS and Android devices) and then use your LQDFX credentials to login.


The user interface is clean, organized, and makes trading forex – or other markets available from LQDFX – super simple and straightforward.


Having the opportunity to access these markets that are open 24/7 anywhere and everywhere you are, as soon as you spot in opportunity, is a game changer!


Bonuses and Promos


A relatively new addition to the LQDFX platform is the implementation of a bonus and rewards program.


Completely transparent from top to bottom (with all of your future rewards clearly outlined, as well as how to unlock them), you’ll be able to earn bonuses of up to $20,000 depending on your account activity.


The cool thing about these bonuses (almost always tied to your deposits) is that they are instantly available, can be used across all account levels, and are fully withdrawable.


It doesn’t get much better than that (and you’re not going to find those kinds of bonuses on a lot of other Forex brokers, either).


Customer Service and Support


Customer service and support through LQDFX is easy to get a hold of and they are highly responsive.


The fastest way to get help is through the Live Chat capabilities built into the web version and the mobile app of the LQDFX set up.


You can also send emails to or you can call customer service and support on a 24 hour basis every working day of the week.


If you want to avoid potential holds through phone support you can schedule a customer service call as well. You’ll get a call on the phone number you provide from LQDFX directly.


Can LQDFX Be Trusted?


Even though this Forex broker is not (currently) registered or regulated by any of the top-tier financial authorities in the Forex space, they still have a sterling silver reputation throughout the Forex trading community.


Yes, LQDFX is an unregulated brokerage firm as of early 2022.


At the same time, this Forex broker has been rocking and rolling since 2015 – picking up industry awards and almost universal acclaim from their user base over almost 7 years already.


Client reviews showed time and time again that this is one of the best, most flexible, and easy to leverage Forex brokers around. Customer service and support is highly responsive and very helpful and all the tools provided – as well as the research – is geared towards helping clients make more money.


You have to like that LQDFX collaborates with a number of different 100% legitimate payment service providers, including more than 200+ Tier 1 banks and financial institutions like HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays.


At the end of the day, you’ll want to do your own research to confirm that LQDFX is legit and on the up and up. But if you want our opinion about the legitimacy of this operation we give the green light – they are good to go!


Final Verdict


If you are on the hunt for your first Forex brokerage, or are considering upgrading to better tools and an easier use platform, LQDFX definitely deserves a closer look.


Far and away one of the most popular Forex trading platforms for beginners and veteran traders alike, it’s tough to go wrong with all the tools and features this set up has to offer.


Combine that with incredibly low deposit and withdrawal minimums, fantastic typical spread options, access to more than 70 currency pairs in the Forex world alone (as well as a whole bunch of other investment vehicles), and five different account types and it’s easy to see why so many love LQDFX today.


Check it out for yourself.


You won’t regret it!



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