LEGACY Automated Algorithm EA Software

LEGACY Automated Algorithm EA Software

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This is the original, famous Algorithm Software. The one that returned over 800% in January of 2021. A great pick for smaller Forex accounts, or those who are looking for a more aggressive software that can potentially yield more results, in the short term.

Features:                                                                                                                      Account management without human interaction. Let our intelligent AI software manage your trading account 24/7. It handles all aspects of the trade including entries, stop-losses and take profits. Features such as trailing stops are used to quickly secure gains once the trade has run deep into profit, eliminating your risk.

Purchasing this package gets you:

    ☑️  Complete Remote Installation  – we take care of the setup!
      ☑️ 100% Automated Trading From Start To Finish
        ☑️ Real-Time Trade Alerts On Over 20+ Forex Pairs
          ☑️ Eliminates the need for indicators, technical analysis or chart markups


            ☑️Standard Forex account with $200+ ideally $500-$1000 range

            ☑️Forex VPS - we email you a recommendation if you don't have one