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Challenge Account Package

Challenge Account Package

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90% of traders fail their prop firm challenges. The 10% that pass and get funded come from Fueledbyforex! (Just kidding)

The reason why 90% of traders fail is because of poor trading discipline and risk control, or worse - ruin their challenge with risky trading strategies or robots that simply don't work.

We won't guarantee that you'll pass your challenge account EVERY time, but we will guarantee that you get it completed one way or another and become a funded trader.

Most traders miss the big picture, which is focusing on one challenge account. They go all-in and get upset when it doesn't work out. What they miss is that any funded trader building an empire expects this factor and considers it part of the process.

Let's face it, sticking to 5% drawdown limits with a 10% maximum is tough.

$100k challenge accounts are costly and range from $500 to $1000.

But does that matter when you pass all the steps and in the first month pull out enough profit to open up 20 additional challenge accounts?

That's what makes us different than any other offer out there. We look at the big picture, which is using prop firms as a tool to manage your risk and amplify your profit potential. Only accepting small groups of clients at a time, we work with you to personalize your plan and don't stop until you find success.

So, how are over 80% of traders passing their prop firm challenge the first time?

We utilize an automated trading system like no other that manages your prop firm account from start to finish. It has a profit target of 2% to 4% per day and a stop loss of -4.5% to ensure you never exceed your daily drawdown limits. The software only trades at optimal times and closes up all trades by the start of New York session to avoid news events. It's a project 8 years in the making and has provided consistent profit for six-figure traders. Now is your turn to get in on the action, without needing your own six-figure account.

Here's what you get:

 Complete account management from start to finish
✅ Included Remote Installation – we take care of the setup!
✅ Customized Challenge Account Settings
✅ Direct support from the owner of Fueledbyforex
✅ Verified results, previous passed challenges and testimonials

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