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          Automated Algorithm EA
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            Interesting Facts About Me

            I spent 5 years as an interior Firefighter / EMT for my local Fire Department.

            6 Years experience as a technician in an emergency room where I believe my enthusiasm to help others came from. Many ask why I do this. The best response? Forex trading on your own is lonely, it's better to do it with friends!

            Working for a top financial firm was my inspiration for building the algorithm. I watched the pro's near the trading floor and watched how empty it was. Why? The reason was because nobody was trading in person, it was all automated by huge algorithms of their own.

            I've traveled across the country to meet clients who were successful. I went all the way to Canada on a 12 hour drive to celebrate his success. It was one of the finer moments I've had, as he had a ton of school bills that needed to be paid. Finally, he was debt free.

            Flipped $1000 in deposits to over $115,000 within 2 weeks utilizing the automated algorithm EA with high risk lot sizes. I made a video about it and it got a TON of attention.

            I once sat in jury duty and took a $57 account to $1480 within a couple of hours on my phone. As I sat on the bench waiting to be called, they ended up dismissing us so I celebrated and bought lunch for everyone.

            My biggest loss in a single day was $80,000. Yeah, that hurt. Once again, removing the human aspect from the trade was KEY to not make mistakes like that again.

            My biggest gain in a single day was $109,000. When you reach this point, money almost doesn't seem real to you anymore. More or less like a token to play with, but it's amazing how important it is for all.

            Friendly, owner-run company

            Each client that I take on gets vetted through a three step process to ensure that this is the right solution. I will not take on someone I do not find fit for the program. Each client enjoys a white glove approach, as I patiently answer all your questions to ensure you always have an outstanding experience.

            Transparent, competitive pricing

            You are paying for a monthly service that requires nothing more than a trading account and cheap VPS. You are simply paying for the opportunity to win with a one-of-a-kind software that no other trader can replicate or compete with. That's your trading edge.

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