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Medallion Automated System

Medallion Automated System

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Looking for complete Forex Account Automation and Passive Income? 10-30%+ returns per month? Less risk and more reward? Look no further! The Medallion EA is a simple yet extremely powerful trading strategy that's designed to profit from price movements within the Forex market.

This software is completely hands-off, requires zero input and begins trading immediately.

🔥Benefits of the Medallion Automated System:🔥
Complete account management from A to Z
$3,000 minimum to get started
✅ You keep 100% of the profits
Requires no trading skills, very little time, and ability to follow simple rules
✅ Complete Remote Installation – we take care of the setup!
✅ Any Forex broker with 1:200+ leverage works 👆
✅ Verified Myfxbook, trusted by six-figure Forex traders!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do I Need To Get Started?

We recommend $3000 for the safest start, but in reality you can run with less if you're willing to risk it. $1000 has worked successfully thus far and we have had zero reports of client losses since beginning.

Is This Completely Hands-Off? Do You Set It Up For Me?

This system is completely hands-off. I will be remotely setting everything up for you shortly after purchase. All you need to do is answer a few questions and purchase a VPS. The VPS will keep your account connected 24/7 making sure you never miss a trade. This will allow your personal computer to be offline as well, without impacting your trading account. Most clients watch from their phone and check on a daily basis to monitor their profits.

Is There Verified Results?

Yes, our focus is on 100% complete transparency. You can visit our myfxbook located here: or our facebook group here:

I am Concerned About Drawdown, Can You Explain?

30% drawdown is within normal limits of the Medallion EA. This is where trading stops and all remaining trades stay open until the position recovers. Multiple drawdown strategies help you to survive volatile markets, with 70% or more of your account balance left to ride out any storm that would otherwise wipe away your account. This is what makes our system so much safer than others. It's the ability to ride massive market moves up and down while making profit in both directions.

Will the software pass a prop firm challenge?

It certainly can pass any FTMO challenge. I take a completely different approach to challenge accounts that have more equity to play with, only require a short window of time to trade (30 days typically). The settings are tailored to your challenge step and the odds are in your favor. Assuming you catch a smooth month of markets you'll find success, no guarantees of course though!

What Forex Broker Is Needed?

Any Forex broker will work assuming they have 1:200 leverage. They will also have to allow hedging and not be restricted to FIFO rules. You only find restrictions like this with most US brokers (which won't work with the software). We recommend LMFX, you can open account at

Medallion EA Results