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Why Would a Profitable Forex Trader Take The Time To Help Others?

Why Would a Profitable Forex Trader Take The Time To Help Others?

  • by nicholas rozmus
How To Trade Forex


If you’re like me then you know the Forex Markets are overwhelming and exhausting for any Forex Trader. There’s a million different systems, indicators and holy grails that are being pan-handled by others claiming fortune and riches. Try this indicator, try this colorful and confusing trading system, give this robot a chance to nuke your account! Next thing you know your out thousands of dollars, countless hours of your time and now your chart looks like a spaghetti dinner. You can’t even see your screen anymore. It’s absurd, and part of the reason why I’ve decided to create this website and help others. Check us out @


     It’s because I’m tired of any Forex trader being misled by those without merit or proof of their products working or even being profitable. They create fake “clout” with an Instagram or Facebook page, rent out an Airbnb for $500, rent a sports car for $1000, Rolex’s and fancy clothes for around $400 and go on to fool hundreds of others into forking over their hard-earned money. Hire a photography company, strike a few poses in different places, walk around the vehicle all cool and TA-DAH... content for 6 months! How do you not realize that it’s all a hoax? Oh- that’s right. We’re a society of social perception. What we see on TV and the internet must be true, right? FALSE! But your brain deceives you otherwise – *hey maybe he’s figured it out and if I buy what he’s selling then that can be me!* That’s how they get you – portraying this perfect life where all their trading is flawless and leads to riding a yacht all day with exotic pets and expensive liquor. Nope! No professional forex trader will be splurging on these luxuries and posting it on the internet for everyone to see. Never do they pick up the phone one day and ask for a photographer to come follow them around town. Anyone with financial sense would recognize this gimmick and also realize this is a non-sustainable lifestyle. You can’t go driving around town all day in a $300,000 sports car that loses half it’s value once you drive it off the lot. You can’t go riding on multi-million-dollar yachts popping champagne all day either. It doesn’t work like that, and it’s a shame that anyone would fall for it. Most of these con-artists are uncovered and found to be broke, living in squalor and a far-cry from what they claim to be. Remember, it’s all an image. Think Barbie. Photoshop. Magazines.
That’s where I come in to make a difference. I’m here to tell you that it’s not easy and there will be hardships and points of uncertainty where you’ll want to give up and go back to your job. You’ll struggle to learn certain concepts and spend late nights looking at your charts. In reality it’s a massive undertaking and by no means easy. But, with proper training and using my algorithm system that’s proven to work you’ll have a fighting chance. Want to compare? Check out your favorite Forex Guru. Notice how they’re selling a product with no proof outside of faked results, or a training course that doesn’t even list what you’ll be learning. I guarantee they have a picture of them sprawled out spread-eagle with a fancy watch though. It’s just the typical death trap for any new Forex trader that’s fallen for the flashy and shiny things that are shown to them.
Meanwhile, I’m able to show live videos of the trades I’ve taken, the deposit of $1050 that I’ve flipped and withdrawn to $25,000 in just two days and even prove it with withdrawal images from my broker, email and bank account. Heck, I’ve got students who have done the same, there’s no reason why you can’t either. I’m not your Guru, I’m your Forex Mentor. I’m realistic, I’ve got 6 years’ experience, built my algorithm software from the ground-up after years of studying and can take any new trader from zero to absolute BEAST with my mentorship. Drop all the garbage indicators and strategies you’ve been taught or fed,  lets simplify your charts to WHAT WORKS and teach you about what matters most: price, currency strength and market structure. With my in-depth guidance you’ll be a chart-whisperer before you know it. If you still don’t know where this is coming from then let me also add that I spent years working at a top investment management firm where I learned how professionals traded the markets and recreated it in my own style. Tip: No it’s not indicators, or one line crossing another – they don’t work. They haven’t worked in decades but people still use them... I’ll dive deeper into that on another post.
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